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  Membership Application to the Norwegian Club of San Francisco 

Regular Members shall be limited to natural persons aged 21 years or more who satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

  • Citizen of Norway;
  • Born in Norway;
  • Can reliably trace their lineage (ascending line of parentage) to either a citizen of Norway or a person born in Norway;
  • Descendants of Regular Members;
  • Have officially resided at least six (6) months in Norway.

Associate membership shall be limited to those natural persons and corporate and legal entities who are interested in the purposes of the Club and who are approved by the Board, provided the total number of such associate memberships shall not exceed 40% of the total membership of the Club.

By applying for membership to the Norwegian Club of San Francisco, you agree to follow the rules and regulations of the club. 

All membership applications will be voted on by the board at it's next monthly board meeting after the membership application has been submitted. The membership fee for the first year is prorated monthly from the time your application is approved until February 1st the following year. 


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Membership Obligations: 

  1. Obligation to Pay Initiation Fee: Every new or re-admitted Member agrees to pay the initiation fee in effect at the time of (re)admission, as set by the Board of Directors. A membership shall not be effective until the initiation fee has been received by the Club.
  2. Obligation to Pay Dues. Every Member shall pay annual membership dues to the Club in such amounts and in such manner as recommended by the Board and approved by the membership.
  3. Obligation to Follow Club Rules. Each Member agrees to be bound by these Bylaws, any amendments thereto, the Club’s Code of Conduct, and by the lawful actions of the Board. Each new Member shall confirm their agreement in writing as a prerequisite for membership.
  4. Member Responsibility. Members are fully responsible for both their own actions and those of their Guests and must comply with all instructions by event organizers or Club Officers, as well as local, state and federal laws, ordinances and regulations. Attendance at any activity is strictly voluntary. The Club assumes no liability for incidents occurring at or as a result of attending a Club event or activity. In particular, consumption of alcohol is at the sole discretion of the Member and their Guests, and the Club assumes no liability for any incidents resulting in whole or in part from the consumption of alcohol.
  5. Members’ Voting Rights. Each Regular Member and Life Member in good standing shall have one vote, provided that any Associate Member or Honorary Member who is elected Director/Officer shall have one vote during his or her tenure as Director/Officer (each such Member, a “Voting Member”). Other Associate Members and Honorary Members shall have no vote. Voting by proxy in accordance with California law shall be permitted for voting Members.
  6. Property Interest; Distributions. No Member of the Club shall have any property interest in the Club or its property.  The Club shall not make distributions to Members during its existence or upon dissolution.
  7. Discipline. A Member shall be subject to suspension, expulsion or termination of membership, if the Member fails in a material and serious degree to follow lawfully adopted rules of the Club. The Board, or its designee, shall give the Member 15 days’ prior written notice, prepared by the Secretary, of the discipline and the reasons therefor; it shall also provide the opportunity for the Member to be heard, orally or in writing, not less than five days before the effective date of the discipline by a person or body authorized to decide that the proposed discipline not take place.
  8. Revocation. The Board may in its sole discretion revoke memberships that are found to have been granted based on false or inaccurate information. Membership dues will not be refunded in the event of revocation.
  9. Resignation. A Member may resign by giving written notice to the Board. The Member's resignation shall not relieve the Member of any obligation due and owing to the Club at the time of the resignation. Membership dues will not be refunded in the event of resignation.
  10. Termination. The membership of any Member will terminate without notice upon the Member’s death, resignation, expulsion, or failure to pay dues. Unless otherwise determined by the Board of Directors, if the membership dues remain unpaid on June 1st, the membership will immediately terminate without notice.


The Norwegian Club of San Francisco (NCSF) located at 1900 Fell street, San Francisco, California, 94117, USA, operates a private social club organized as a 501(c)(7). The member desires an opportunity to enjoy the NCSF facilities to obtain certain privileges and hereby agrees to become a member on the terms and conditions set forth herein. 

For good and valuable consideration, Member covenants and agrees as follows:

  1. MEMBER. For purposes of this Agreement “Member” shall mean the person identified on the NCSF “Membership Application and Agreement” and to determine membership qualification the NCSF board will vote to approve/disapprove the application after the Membership Director has verified the membership classification. 
  2. MEMBERSHIP. Upon payment of the Membership dues, Membership privileges will be active until February 1st (renewal date) of the next calendar year. The membership fee paid during the first partial membership year will be prorated monthly until the next renewal date. Payment of the membership fee does not give the Member any right, interest or ownership in the NCSF. Membership privileges are limited to the Member only and may not be sold, transferred or otherwise assigned in any manner. Privileges shall cease and terminate upon death of a Member. The NCSF may revoke a membership, at the NCSF’s sole and absolute discretion, if the Member violates the terms of this Agreement or does harm to club’s property or reputation. No portion of any fees paid will be refunded upon revocation or suspension of the Membership, other than as set forth below.
  3. MEMBER PRIVILEGES. For the duration of the Membership term, the Member will receive certain benefits. These benefits are referred to as “Member Privileges” and the NCSF reserves the right to modify Member Privileges at any time.
  4. MEMBERSHIP TYPES. The NCSF provides the following Memberships: A. Regular Member, B. Regular Member Out of State (primary residence outside of California), C. Associate Member, D. Associate Member Out of State (primary residence outside of California). 
  5. MEMBERSHIP PAYMENTS. Membership dues shall be paid in full every February 1st within 30 days. Full annual membership dues may only be paid by credit card.
  6. INDEMNIFICATION; ASSUMPTION OF RISK. The Member hereby covenants and agrees to fully indemnify, defend, and hold the NCSF and its owners, officers, employees, and other agents, harmless from and against any and all liabilities, claims, actions, lawsuits, demands or damages incident to or arising out of acts or omissions of the Member, the Member’s family and the Member’s guests. Further, the Member covenants and agrees to hold the NCSF and its owners, officers, employees, and other agents, harmless from any and all damages to the Member’s person or property and the person and property of the Member’s family and guests arising out of or related to the use or occupancy of the NCSF facilities of any nature whatsoever.
  7. EXTENDED TERM OF AGREEMENT. Provided that the Member is not in default pursuant to the terms of this Agreement and the Member has fully complied with all the NCSF Member rules and regulations during the term of this Agreement, the NCSF and Member shall automatically extend the term of this Agreement on its anniversary date for an additional twelve month period. During the extended period, the Agreement terms and conditions shall continue to apply during the extended term, except that the Member’s annual fee for which applied to the Membership level selected by the Member shall automatically be increased by the NCSF. The NCSF will post to the website “” its annual fees for each Membership Level effective on or about February 1st of the then current year. In the event the Member elects to terminate the Membership Agreement or that the Members Membership level has changed, the Member shall give the NCSF written notice not less than forty-five days prior to the anniversary date of each year. If the Member fails to give the written notice of termination or the change in Membership Level as hereinbefore set forth then the Member shall remain fully liable pursuant to the Agreement for the extended twelve month term.
  8. CHARGES. I understand and acknowledge receipt of the Membership Agreement and covenant and agree fully to the terms herein. Further:
    1. I agree to pay all fees, dues and other charges for which I or one of my guests are responsible for under the terms of the Membership Agreement on or before the due date.
    2. I agree to be responsible for all charges incurred by my family and/or guests while using the facilities.
    3. I understand that delinquency in paying any amount due will result in a 1.5% late payment fee on the amount past due. I also acknowledge that delinquent amounts may result in suspension or termination of my Membership at the NCSF
    4. I hereby acknowledge receipt of the NCSF Agreement that I have read and understand the Agreement and hereby covenant and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement as from time to time by NCSF.

This Membership Agreement may not be amended or modified, nor shall any waiver of any provision be effective, except by an instrument in writing executed by the general manager or owners of NCSF.


1900 Fell Street, San Francisco, CA 94117-1917

Phone:  +1 (415) 668-1558