Member and Guest Night: Takeout or Dine-In

  • September 16, 2021
  • 16:00 - 21:00
  • 1900 Fell Street, San Francisco, California, 94117


Bring your Friends:
Takeout or Dine-In!

Welcome back to the another in-person event
at our Wonderful Club!

Chef Pelle will prepare a traditional menu, which will be available both as a Takeout and in the Dining Room

Please make sure you select the correct option
(takeout or dine-in)!

Takeout: Pick-up will be available from 4:00pm to 5:30pm.
Dine-In: The bar will open for cocktails at 6:00pm,
and dinner will be served at 7:30pm.

Registration is required by 9:00am on Wednesday, Sept 15th.

Soup: Chef's Fresh Made Specialty 

Menu Option A:  Norwegian Meatballs   

Menu Option B: Artichoke and Spinach Stuffed Salmon, Lemon Butter Sauce. 

Dessert: Chef's Surprise

Also available from Chef Pelle:

Pelle will continue to make from scratch many of the beloved Norwegian traditional foods available for Club Members to purchase.

Pickup at the Norwegian Club with a 3-day notice per order. Call or text Pelle at 415-310-2329 or email him at

Payment by check, cash, or credit card.   

  • Aquavit fennel cured salmon (gravlaks) sold by the pound,
    vacuum packed and sliced with a sweet mustard dill sauce: $25 per lb
  • Herring sold in half-pint ($10) or full-pint ($20) glasses: 
    • Onion dill herring
    • Mustard herring
    • Tomato cherry herring
    • Curry herring
    • Caviar chive herring

Note 1: To sign up for a fish option and a meat option, the Member has to sign up twice: Once for the fish option, and once for the meat option.

Note 2: When adding Guest meals to the signup, the Guest meals will be the same as the Member's selection. To sign up for different options for Guests, the Member needs to sign up two times: Once for the fish option, and once for the meat option.

Note 3: Please note that it is not possible to accommodate changes to the selection after signing up for a specific meal choice.

1900 Fell Street, San Francisco, CA 94117-1917

Phone:  +1 (415) 668-1558